VP-1000 Videoprocessor with insufflation pump

VP-SERIES Videoprocessor VP-1000 [LED - HDMI] with insufflation pump

VP-SERIES Videoprocessor VP-1000

The VP-1000 videoprocessor is just the first of the VP-Series line, yet it’s equipped with
the most advanced technology and it's looking forward to be top-tier for years to come.

Starting from the light source itself, we opted for the best option on the market capable of
providing the maximum amount of light in the most efficient way:
High Power Chip-On-Board LED.

Much care has been taken for the video department too: we implemented a state of the
art system in in order to achieve an excellent video output quality that guarantees a
superb continuous Full HD 1080p @ 30FPS (Frames Per Second) high resolution stream.

In addition to natural vision we have added a set of 3 physical optical filters, which
allow you to view three levels of depth, thus making visible details that
otherwise could not be seen at all.

Coupled with any of the Mercury Produzione endoscopes, the VP-1000 Video Processor
will provide the user with unmatched and superb quality.

This version of the VP-1000 Videoprocessor integrates a sophisticated foot-operated insufflation system.