Ozone generator MGO30


The MGO30 generator uses a mechanical timer, allowing the user to intuitively and autonomously regulate the operation of the ozone generator.

Ozone sterilization is a type of biochemical sterilization; when ozone comes into contact with an organic matter present in the air, an oxidation reaction takes place.

Viruses, bacteria and mold are "deactivated" and destroyed by this process.

Being a gas heavier than air, Ozone penetrates deeply between the fibers of the fabrics and in the most complex inlets, and is therefore exceptionally effective for sterilization operations.

The power indicator light indicating operation is installed on the TIMER panel, to allow the user to observe the status of the machine.

Inside the machine there are ceramic plate ozone generators, operating by means of a high power fan which diffuses the ozone in the space that needs sterilization.

The entire ceramic plate ozone generator is fixed in a stainless steel air duct, on the sides of which there are two high power fans.

The ozone generator is laser cut, which makes it safe and durable. The casing is made of 304 stainless steel, resistant to ozone corrosion.

The whole machine is designed as a compact, simple and practical structure, but above all easy to use.