Ultrathin Fiber Endoscope (AUTOCLAVABLE)


Ultrathin Fiber Endoscope (AUTOCLAVABLE)

Ultrathin Fiber Endoscope (AUTOCLAVABLE)

The ULTRATHIN FIBER ENDOSCOPE has an excellent diagnostic quality thanks to the generous amount of fibers that we are able to implement in it, that provides a superb image, capable of faithfully reproducing the different types of organic tissues.

Matching the ULTRATHIN FIBER ENDOSCOPE with our VP-1000 videoprocessor and our FullHD CAMERA HEAD will give the user access to the powerful state-of-the-art LED lighting system and the Active Filter mode, a range of three physical optical filters that allow the view of three different depth levels in addition to the normal vision.

This system therefore allows early diagnosis and identification of lesion margins.

Coupled with the VP-1000 Video Processor and FullHD CAMERA HEAD will provide the user with unmatched quality.

Available in: 6.000,10.000,17.000,30.000,50.000 pixels.

Sizes will vary in relation to the quantity of fibers.

Reference: 0387