Mercury Produzione S.r.L. deals with the production and sale of a wide range of electro-medical, endoscopic equipment and parts, which are widely used in the hospital, veterinary and industrial sectors.

The company aims to provide products and services to its customers of the very highest quality.

It's made up of highly professional human resources, with over 20 years of experience in the field, able to ensure excellent product quality.

Mercury Produzione S.r.L. considers essential to improve its Know-How, thus paying special attention into the research and development of new technologies and becoming capable of making continuous improvements in terms of quality and efficiency of its products.
This is also possible thanks to important collaborations with leading companies in the field of clinical engineering and with several university institutes.


The company's main objective is to produce a line of flexible endoscopic equipment, in line with Community directives.

It aims to ensure a high quality and wide range of electromedical equipment, with particular regard to endoscopic devices, through the application of engineering innovations to ensure continuous technological adaptation combined with maximum safety for patients and operators.

Mercury Production S.r.L. bases its business on a production approach inspired by rigorous quality procedures aimed at obtaining the highest degree of attention by providing professional, efficient and resolute service, avoiding any reasonable error.