The company Mercury Produzione S.r.l. was created to operate in the production, repair and technical assistance field of electromedical and endoscopic equipment used in the hospital, veterinary and industrial fields.

The main objective of the company is the production, in accordance with EU directives, of a line of flexible endoscopic equipment under its own brand, in addition to technical assistance.

The short-term technical strategy, which makes it possible to outline the consequent commercial action, is mainly based on the design of a line of products.

The results testify to the continuous evolution of a winning operating model that allows connected groups to be in continuous growth with a commercial network that covers the entire peninsula, providing guaranteed technical support, combined with a large service structure and a product management structure. which operates in close relationship with the sales area.

The company is the result of a natural process of specialization and consolidation in the technical assistance activities for the diagnostic imaging sector and the optimization of production processes and techniques. Moreover, thanks to the development of increasingly performing and miniaturized components, it has proposed various innovative solutions to the market.

MERCURY PRODUZIONE S.r.l. facing an increasingly demanding market, is able to strongly impose itself and adapt perfectly. Since its foundation, it has set itself a very specific goal: to provide high quality products and services through continuous monitoring of work systems and using highly specialized professional staff, the professionally trained and specialized company capable of creating indisputable advantages for its customers.

The company offers complete and targeted support on the product, from technical assistance to the production activity, to the engineering, prototyping and industrialization of the product itself: this is the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 certified supply chain with which Mercury Produzione, in 2021, managed to obtain the CE mark in the human field, as the first Italian manufacturer of 100% made in Italy high resolution digital video endoscopes.